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Let us help you connect to the golden rays of our sun

Cost effective solar project development begins with design and engineering.

Lighthouse can fully develop your solar and storage projects or support other developers. We perform a range of supplementary services to streamline installation, interconnection applications, and more.


To become a leading human enabler, utilizing Solar technologies and human connections to create wealth and health.


Establishing a tribe of people who will promote a triangular balance; in personal environmental and business health in order to increase human efficiency, increase life span and create eco-consciousness.

Committed to Service since 2019, powering a population of over 1.3 billion people.

We are proud to lead this trend and bring the benefits of clean solar energy to Africa.

The sun is an in-exhaustible source of energy that has determined our past and will create our future.

How we get it done

A solar powered life is the Goal,
LightHouse is your ladder.

With our technical approach to solar and energy storage, Lighthouse simplifies solar construction and development,

making the entire process efficient and cost-effective. We develop solar and storage projects for:

Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Warehouse Facilities, Municipalities,

Schools, and Hospitals, Apartments, Condos, and Multi-Family Residences


Whether it’s reducing energy costs, resiliency, or environmental sustainability, here at Lighthouse, We learn about your goals, evaluating and developing projects to meet your stated goals. We then analyse the proposed site for feasibility, permitting, and maximum solar generation

Solar feasibility studies and site surveys

Lighthouse solar feasibility studies and site surveys ensure that your project is technically and financially viable. Lighthouse reviews your solar design, engineering and project details, revealing technical, rate, incentive, and site survey issues that may cause delays or significantly impact project ROI.

Custom Design

Solar development projects start with design. We design and engineer the most cost-effective, safe, and permit-ready systems that meet your stated goals. We handle all requirements, paperwork, and utility approvals, ensuring your project is ready to start construction.


Here in Lighthouse, we select quality equipment for your project. Our strong relationships with tested and trusted producing partners ensure that your system is built efficiently and completed on time.


Lighthouse project technicians manage the entire construction process, ensuring the project timeline stays on time and on budget. Once the installation is complete, Lighthouse tests all systems and commission the installation, preparing it for utility interconnection.


Lighthouse also generates testing and maintenance schedules for operations.

Helping everyone go solar irrespective of financial status.

Now, irrespective of your financial status, you can fulfil your dreams of going solar while being financially empowered too.

Why Choose Us

We are a key contributor to Africa's Renewable Energy Growth, helping reduce carbon footprint.

The MANDATE: Helping Africa connect to the
GOLDEN rays of our SUN


We help you reduce your energy expenses by providing cost effective power solutions

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Helping everyone go solar irrespective of financial status.


Everyone can learn, save our ecosystem


Solar is a means by which health systems increase resilience to the challenges of environmental pollution and climate change

Solar panels

What they say

For us, client satisfaction is the most important thing. Our clients and partners trust us with their investment; that’s the most important part.

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